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OpenX Congress -  7 + 8 November 2022
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07 November 2022
9:00 am - 8:00 pm - 07 November 2022

Main Stage Day 1

Main Event - OpenX - Main Stage Room

9:10 am

It’s true the web is entering a new era. But it’s not built on blockchain.

New technology, called Solid, from web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee ensures data finally benefits from the web’s core principles. Solid is already drastically reducing the cost of safely sharing data within and across key industries, always with people at the centre.

In this keynote, Sir Tim’s co-founder and CEO at Inrupt, John Bruce, shows how Web 3.0 unlocks the next wave of opportunity — for individuals, for developers, and for any organizations that use data at scale.

9:30 am

How one of the world’s leading motor brands, and sports clubs around the world, are already in the race to provide revolutionary customer experiences, and in doing so generate new revenue streams.

Nigel Verdon, CEO & Co-Founder, Railsr

Michael Jackson, Board Member, Luminor Bank
Will Carling, O.B.E, Ex England Rugby Captain, tech evangelist for sport engagement

10:00 am

The data economy is estimated at a value of 11.7 trillion dollars, and it is shifting. You cannot afford to ignore the ways that your business and consumers' relationship with data will change.
  • Using the shifting data landscape as an opportunity for growth and efficiency.
  • Creating a differentiated brand by putting data at the heart of your business.

Liz Brandt, CEO & Founder, Ctrl-Shift

10:10 am

Hear about how The Guardian views not just their future relationship with customers and customer’s data, but how the whole data economy will change, and why you need to start your journey to get there, now. 

10:50 am

Open banking and finance are the predecessors to open x, and you should always listen to your elders! What wisdom can open banking impart?
  • Transferable systems
  • Tech readiness
  • API security
  • Why it’s important to start now with open x: so you’re ready when this becomes the norm in a few years time
What are the new approaches emerging? Embedded, composable enterprises, open wealth, it is essential to understand all these if you want to be ready for the open data future.

David Beardmore, Ecosystem Development Director, OBIE 

Jose Luis Navarro Llorens, Head of Strategy Open Banking, BBVA
Don Cardinal, Managing Director, Financial Data Exchange
Jeremy Takle, Co-founder and CEO, Pennyworth


11:30 am

If you want to be ready for the upcoming open data economy, you can’t afford to wait and see what happens a few years down the line, you must start preparing now.
Australia’s regulations around structured data sharing partnerships within and between non-government entities has put them ahead of the game, and the rest of the world should be listening.

Jamie Leach, Domain Lead, Regulated Data, Cuscal 

11:50 am

No matter the business, no matter the industry, these are the 3 fundamental tenets of the fintech quadrant you need to know to succeed.
Paolo Sironi, Global Research Leader in Banking and Financial Markets, IBM Consulting

2:00 pm

Access to customers and their personal data is one of the foundational pillars of the new digital economy. There are many ways to prepare, but what's the prize for your business? Jamie Smith gives unique insight into Avast's ambitions and beliefs for the new digital economy, how personal data and privacy will evolve, and how to win.

2:20 pm

Do you really understand what personal data mobility is and why this matters to your organisation?

Chair: Matt Stroud, Director, Ctrl-Shift

Irene Ng, CEO, Dataswift
Katie Lips, Founder, Consultant, Author, Rebel Futures
Nicola Breyer, CEO, Finleap Connect

3:00 pm

A fascinating case study on how the whole of Malaysia is creating an ecosystem involving a host of services, with the unusual aim of nationwide weight loss!
While this may seem niche (and we couldn’t imagine the UK public getting on board with this, could you?!) it’s an innovative example of an ecosystem working on a national scale. Imagine what your business could do with decentralised data assets!
Learn how:
  • Sources of data are becoming their own markets
  • Decentralised data assets can align incentives and build communities
Irene Ng, CEO, Dataswift

3:10 pm

A case study of the Open Life Data Framework which aims to enable healthy longevity for all.
  • How open data for health can open doors for other sectors, and strengthen the economy
  • What advantages to health and wellbeing will come from cross-sector data mobility?

Tina Woods, Founder & CEO, Collider Health; Healthy Longevity Champion, National Innovation Centre for Ageing 
Gavin Starks, CEO,

3:50 pm

OpenX is live with the BBC with this exclusive report on their next steps for audience engagement and cross sector integrations.
  • Transforming the ways they use personal data
  • Creating new opportunities for the business and audience alike
  • What’s next for the BBC in the open future space?

Eleni Sharp, Executive Product Manager, BBC Research & Development

4:00 pm

A high-level overview into the complex regulatory issues that may create barriers to your cross-sector data innovation.
  • What can we learn from challenges around cross-region regulation?
  • Does existing regulation allow for true data mobility?
  • What time-frame should you plan to?
Judie Rinearson, Partner, K&L Gates

4:10 pm

Space is not just about building rockets and launching satellites. It is also about data: Data for food security, greenhouse-gas monitoring, utilities, not to mention communications or satellite navigation. We can make better use of this data. How can a Space Data Space empower your business? 
  • Increasing data sharing but increasing awareness of available data, encouraging partnerships, and lowering barriers to entry
  • Implementing increased data use via the EU’s Data Spaces
  • Connecting fragmented and siloed data from various space assets, for and from private and public sectors
  • A macro look at the feasibility study undertaken with the European Space Agency

Eric Pol, General Partner, Healthrise fund; Chairman, aNewGovernance

4:20 pm

Opening up the finance industry has led to massive innovation: Fintechs, Insurtech, Regtech, Paytech, …
Now all industries are opening, what kind of innovation will we see in the future?
  • What new cross-industry players/industries will emerge ? (e.g. Data TPPs, Consent Managers, …)
  • Role of regulation (EU Data Act, EU Data Governance, India Stack, Brazil, …)
  • How can one “mash up” services from different industries to create completely new user experiences?

Michael Salmony, Strategy Advisor, ETPPA; CEO, Founder and Consultant, Payments Innovation Consulting

4:30 pm

 The BBC and Inrupt share how their collaboration is enabling innovation, and, reflecting on this and the other exciting examples of cross-sector data sharing from throughout the day, imagine what the future holds for API ecosystems.

Liz Brandt, CEO & Founder, Ctrl-Shift

John Bruce, CEO & Co-Founder, Inrupt
Bill Thompson, Head of Future Value Research, BBC 

4:50 pm

Encouraging innovation and exploring what is possible when your data has no borders - the world's first OpenX Hackathon will see teams prepare use cases for cross-sector APIs.
Hear from the Hackathon’s judging panel about what they are looking for in entries.

Liz Brandt, Co-founder & CEO, Ctrl-Shift
Nick Cabrera, Co-Founder, Open Future World
Karan Jain, CEO, NayaOne
Tim Johnson, Strategy Director, Raidiam
Ben Nadel, Co-founder and CEO, Credit Canary

07 November 2022
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm - 07 November 2022

Networking and drinks reception

Main Event - OpenX - Networking Reception
  • Drinks and bowl food with networking 

Open Future World Ltd

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